The policy of integrated management systems of VIA OCEL d.o.o. is compliant with the general business policy and other company related policies. It is based upon the establishment and application of the market oriented operation and provision of good quality, timely and efficient services to our buyers, services beneficiaries and other stakeholders, with a view to fully satisfying their requirements, needs and expectations, accompanied by a permanent development and increase of effectiveness and efficiency in doing business.

Apart from the established quality management and environment protection system, its maintenance and continuous improvement and creation of safe and healthy working conditions are the priority task in the implementation of the company's long-term business policy.
In order to make such commitment materialize, VIA OCEL has recruited a team of experienced and ambitious staff who are based on their knowledge, expertise and constant upgrading permanently improving the quality of services they render.

The objectives of VIA OCEL integrated management system policy involve:

  • satisfaction of users and buyers, of their declared and non-declared needs and expectations by observing the legal and other requirements particularly relating to environment protection and the protection of health and safety at work,
  • satisfaction of the needs and expectations, and establishment of an efficient communication with all stakeholders and other relevant organizations for the purpose of sharing information important for the environment and the protection of health and safety at work,
  • promotion of the organization of work intended for rational utilization of resources,
  • continuous improvement of effectiveness and efficiency in the service-rendering process, investment in human resources and equipment so as to maintain the contemporaneous technological level,
  • training, education and motivation of the staff in all areas of operation, significant for the society,
  • preservation and stimulation of the company's reputation through strengthening of its market position,
  • establishment and maintenance of partner relationships with the users, suppliers and sub-contractors, and
  • commitment to the prevention and constant decrease of the risk levels from the point of view of environment and health protection and safety at work, along with monitoring and analyzing the accomplished achievements.

I am asking all staff members to observe the documentation of integrated management systems and to implement it, ensuring thereby a continuous, timely and appropriate meeting of the requirements and expectations of the users concerning the quality of our services, and to simultaneously improve by their own proposals and innovations the mode of work so as to achieve an even better quality.

The obligation of VIA OCEL management is to revise and improve this Policy and the objectives arising therefrom, as necessary for making them permanently compliant with the requirements imposed by the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 i OHSAS 18001, the work processes, legal and with other requirements, of which the staff members and all stakeholders will be notified on a regular basis.

Belgrade, 01 February 2011

Dušanka Amidžić-Popovski




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