The main business activities of the company are:

Thermotechnical installations
• interior heating installations
• heating substations
• boiler houses

Thermoenergetic installations
• pipe systems of energetic boilers
• steam lines and pipelines
• solid fuels burning systems
• coal mills
• power fans
• coal and ash transport systems

Trade (domestic and foreign)
• ferrous metallurgy products
• nonferrous metallurgy products

• basic, detailed and reverse engineering
• installation rehabilitation and development projects
• reilability, prolonging of the work span and decrease of the dangerous matters emission
• assembly, reparation, mainterance

Office: Tadeuša Košćuška 56, Beograd, Tel/Fax: (+381 11) 6557-930, 6557-927, 6557-929, e-mail:,
Manufacture: Šimanovci, Dečka bb